The requirements for Majora's Mask 5 Masks is:

  • The game starts from a race file that can be gotten by doing nothing other than depositing 101 rupees in the bank in the first cycle then getting the Deku Mask then exiting Clock Tower then playing the Song of Time then resetting.
  • Timing starts when you select "Yes" for that race file
  • Timing ends when you have any 5 masks which means you just need to get 4 of them because you already have the Deku Mask.


Play Song of Double Time

Get East Clock Town fairy

Trun into human

Get Kafei's Mask

Get Great Fairy's Mask

Withdraw 90 rupees

Buy a bomb bag

Get Bremann Mask

Play Song of Double Time 3 times

Deku gaiden into Kafei's House and get the Keaton Mask. [1]

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