To get the all item zora glitch, you have to do just the part of the Shallow Zora glitch before pressing the B button then press the B button and the zora mask c-button the right amount of time later to get the B button faint which is about a 20th of a second later. If you press the zora mask button too soon, the B button won't get faint and you will instead get the shallow zora glitch. If you press the zora mask button too late, you will turn back into a human. If you press the zora mask button at the right time, you will be in the water unable to move and then no matter what equips you do, the zora mask is the only item that won't appear faint on a c-button. When you're in that state, it's possible to roll onto land during a swim if you're extremely close higher land from being on a slope. If you roll onto land when the zora mask is equipped, any item will only not appear faint on a c-button if it's equipped to the same c-button as the zora mask was equipped to so you can use any item by equipping it over the zora mask. You can also use the B-attack to move. Some items will put the game in soft lock. The jump attack will also put the game in soft lock as well as using the B-attack on too steep a slope.[1]

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