Any% is devoid of all restrictions, except for Crooked Cartridge. Timing starts when you gain control of Link and ends when you deliver the final blow to Ganon. This run is most often used for a real time attack, which allows for save warping.


  • Intro
  • Sword and 20 rupees
  • Aqua Escape Jumpslash Clip or Navi Dive
  • 20 rupees in Zora's River
  • WESS to Kakariko to skip Owl
  • Collect Chickens for Bottle
  • Collect Bugs
  • Savewarp
  • Buy Shield
  • Collect at least one Deku Stick
  • Enter Deku Tree
  • Collect at least 5 Deku Nuts
  • Skip Vine Text by pulling out Deku Stick at first trigger and backflipping onto the map chest at the second trigger.
  • Break web and B1 Skip with Jumpslash Recoil
  • Fall through the web, as it is unloaded
  • 2-3-1 room
  • Clip through stone slab in Gohma room
  • Kill Gohma
  • Exit boss room and reenter
  • Wrong Warp to Ganon's Castle
  • Exit to see Ganondorf Death Cutscene
  • Tower Collapse Skip
  • Kill Ganon


  • This run works on any version, but is fastest on the Chinese iQue.
  • If you can get the red rupee in Zora's River and still get to Kakariko before nightfall, you can skip some rupees along the route, mainly 16 rupees in the forest.
  • It is possible to get the bottle while in the Deku Tree through the Walking While Talking glitch, by going through the crawlspace and killing a Gohma Larva that randomly drops a Deku Nut. Activating the glitch with the Nut and falling into the basement water will confuse the game into placing a Bottle into your inventory, thus only requiring you to fill it with a bug or fish for the wrong warp.
  • A backup strategy for the Gohma stone slab clip is to kill Gohma and yourself at the same time. In this case, use a Deku Baba Mega Sidehop or the B1 Jump Skip to skip B1 again, and then use flame storage to burn the web.
  • You can skip the tower collapse skip if you aren't good at it or if you have at least 2 and a half hearts: the void out takes away one heart and the fall takes away a second heart.