discovered by Kazooie

Information Edit

Bottle Adventure is a glitch that allows you to assign many of the "Inventory Menu" items to the B button as Adult Link.

How to Edit

  1. Go to the Fishing Pond and Steal the Fishing Rod
  2. Turn the Fishing Rod into a Deku Stick by jumping into Lake Hylia, climbing out, and pausing the game
  3. Turn the Deku Stick into a Bottle
  4. Drop the Master Sword to go back in time
  5. As a kid, select the item you want to be on C-Right, then pull the Master Sword. The item on C-Right will determine what item will be assigned to B

Notes Edit

As an alternative to going back in time, you can instead use the Temple of Time & Light Arrow cutscene to assign an item to B.

B button is active in the same areas it would be if it was a sword. This means you can use items in locations you're not intended to use them (Bombs in the Temple of Time for example)

If you don't have Version 1.0, the item you have on B will be reverted back to the Master Sword when you save, unless the item is the Koriki Sword, the Master Sword (though it makes no difference), the Biggoron Sword/Goron's Knife, or the Broken Sword. If the trade sequence is complete, the Biggoron's Sword and Broken Sword will act like the Biggoron's Sword, otherwise they will act like the Goron's Knife and Broken Sword.

If you put an Egg on the B button, it will not hatch.

Tricks and Uses for Bottle Adventure Edit

Zora Mask allows most possibilities for items on B

BA allows for Trade Item Sequence Breaks

Sold Out Sword (does this really need a page? maybe should be removed? what a pretty picture though :( )

Unlimited Big Poes

Quickswap Delete Swords

Light Arrow B - anti medallions strategy to complete the game

Windy B - free Farore's Wind, also get Bombchus and Slingshot to child

Also check out Reverse Bottle Adventure - a way to manipulate memory addresses further.

Text Dump Edit

items 20-55 on B allow BA to work. commonly bottle

2 methods - time travel - MS cutscene in Tot & Light arrow cutscene

item on CHILD c-right is used not adult c-right. Places on adult B, IF adult B was 20-55

Child B ALWAYS becomes kokiri sword when you travel back in time. ALWAYS.

forward in time cutscene will always add MS to your inventory.

3 (bow), 6 (slingshot), 9 (bombchus) become sticks on B (not always though???)

saving w/ item on B deletes kokiri sword (child) / master sword (adult)

due to original swordless link method any version except v1.0 will put MS on B after you save without having it in your possession as adult link.

sword items (59, 60, 61, 85) on B are the exception to this and do not delete swords. they will stay on b after reset.