discovered by SexyZora19, Paraxade

Trick Description Edit

This trick allows you to clip through the statue blocking your way to the cannon needed to access the City in the Sky. The cannon can then be warped, repaired, and then used for access to CitS. The trick allows you to skip the entire Temple of Time and half of Snowpeak Ruins, saving around 1 hour and 4 minutes in an any% speedrun.

How To Edit

  1. Any time you can turn into a wolf and have warp access to Lake Hylia, go to Renado's basement in Kakariko Village.
  2. As a human, using Z, line yourself up on the right (Wii) or left (GCN) crack between the statue and the wall.
  3. Transform into a wolf. If done correctly and angled right, Link will clip inside the statue, allowing you to run through it.
  4. Prompt Midna when you are close to the cannon so she will go on top of it, then warp the cannon to Lake Hylia with the use of the map (1 on Wii, Z on GCN). At this point, repair the statue and go to CiTS!

Note that you must have shown Fyer Auru's Memo, and that you have visited Gerudo's Desert. If these have not been done, the game will freeze.