Acute angles Edit

For nearly any angle less than 90 degrees, a jumpslash will be able to push you through one side of the wall. For angles a jumpslash can't get through, a superslide usually can. Superslides can also sometimes get through 90 degree angles.

Hookshot Clipping Edit

Get near a wall and a hookshottable object (a torch, freezard, iror knuckle, likelike, etc.) close to the wall. Pull out your hookshot and press Z to go to 3rd person. Move sideways towards the hookshottable object so that you are being sqeezed between it and the wall, then use the hookshot and you should go through the wall.

Vine Clipping Edit

Discovered by AKA

As child link, when you grab a climbable wall from air, link will clip slightly inside the vines/gate for a few frames. If you get hit during these few frames, you will completely clip through the wall. This does not work on ladders.

Fast rung grab & lag cancel Edit

Discovered by Acryte

For use with Vine Clipping

While letting go of a vine, press down then up. This will cancel the lag and allow you to regrab faster. Also, you can do it to skip a rung at the top of a climbable wall, and can use it to do wallclipping w/ bombchus easier, and w/out needing to fall an unnecessary distance.