discovered by Paraxade/SexyZora19

Trick Description Edit

Early Master Sword (EMS) is a glitch that uses the N. Faron Twilit Messengers to go where you aren't supposed to and access the Sacred Grove early. The player can then continue on and obtain the Master Sword long before it was meant to be obtained, and with it, the ability to transform between human and wolf.

How To Edit

  1. Proceed normally through Faron tears until you reach the Twilit Messenger in N. Faron Woods.
  2. Using the Twilit Messenger on your right (Wii) or left (GCN), perform/release a Midna dark energy attack just before the messenger attacks you. You must angle this jump properly or the trick will not work.
  3. Once on the wall, follow the wall around, and jump down onto the ledge right before the Sacred Grove entrance.