Base Damage Chart Edit

Name Damage
Kokiri Sword 1
Razor Sword 2
Guilded Sword 3
Great Fairy Sword 4
Helix Sword(Swing) 4
Helix Sword(Projectile) 6
Deku Bubble
Deku Spin
Goron Punch
Goron Pound
Goron Spike Roll
Zora Punch
Zora Jump Slash
Arrows 2
Fire Arrows 4
Ice Arrows 4
Light Arrows 4
Bombs 2
Bombchus 2
Deku Stick 2

Enemy Damage Chart Edit

Name Health Attacks Reward
Red Chu Chu 1 Recovery heart
Green Chu Chu 1 Magic
Yellow Chu Chu 1 Arrows
Blue Chu Chu 1 Nothing
Deku Baba Deku Nut
Withered Deku Baba Deku Stick
Mini Baba Deku Nut
Black Boe 1 Nothing
White Boe 1 Nothing
Mad Scrub
Blue Tektite
Like Like Red rupee or 3 blue rupees

Mini-boss Damage Chart Edit

Name Health Attacks Weakness
Lizafos 4
Frog Boss 9
Eyegore 8
Garo Master 14
Gomess 20

Boss Damage Chart Edit

Name Health Attacks Weakness
Odalwa 20
Goht 30
Gyorg 10
Twinmold(Blue) 20 Fire Arows
Twinmold(Red) 20 Ice Arrows
Majora's Mask 14
Majora's Incarnation 30
Majora's Wrath 40

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