discovered by SwordlessLink

Information Edit

Using the Extended/Infinite Superslide (ESS or ISS for short -- What you call it is based on preference) is slightly slower than the full Superslide, but has the advantage of being able to turn in any direction. Another advantage is the ability to pull out bombs or bombchus while you are doing an ESS. This allows for a quick set up to another superslide or another trick. The direction of the ESS can be determined based on the direction you tilt the joystick. It also acts like the Superslide and Ground Jump, in that it will skip certain cutscenes such as the owl texts.

How-To Edit

There are four known methods of starting an ESS:

  1. After a Superslide:

During a regular Superslide, slightly tilt the joystick down to either the left or right. This must be a very slight tilt, just enough to have pressure on the joystick. At this point, you can now remove the Z and R buttons. If done correctly, Link will start to spin in a circle. Simply repress and hold Z to 'lock' in a new direction.

  1. From a megaflip:

After performing a Megaflip, while in the air, tilt the joystick in the same way you would while you were supersliding. Upon landing, Link will start to spin in a circle. Press and hold Z to 'lock' in a direction.

  1. From enemy damage:

This is similar to the other methods, but involves tilting the joystick slightly just before getting hit from an enemy. The enemy damage must not knock Link over, such as a hit from the attacking cuccos.

  1. From a jumpslash through water:

For this method, an ESS can be started if Link jumpslashes into a wall and is recoiled at a high speed. He must also go into and come out of the water all from the jumpslash. The joystick must again be tilted slightly upon exiting the water. Note that due to the specific requirements of this method, it does not have many practical uses. It should be noted that this method is faster than a normal ESS.

Once the ESS is started, it can be used to continue to change direction an infinite amount of times. Simply keep the joystick where it is and let go of Z. Link will start to rotate in circles once more. Simply hold down Z again when you have the angle you want. Link can only rotate 270 degrees before the ESS will end though, so be sure to press Z again before that rotation occurs.

If you want to go in circles clockwise, tilt the joystick slightly down and to the right (southeast direction). If you want to go in circles counter-clockwise, tilt the joystick slightly down and to the left (southwest direction). It is also possible to change circle direction by shifting the joystick from one side to the other. This should be done while you have a position locked, not while you are spinning.