discovered by petrie911

Trick Description Edit

This trick is exactly as it sounds, it lets you swim above water, giving the appearance that you're flying. Sadly, you can't get too much height with this, but it has at least one use for a speed run, and it's fun to mess around with.

How To Edit

Method 1:

  1. Float in the water very close to a shore
  2. Press A while facing the shore
  3. After you're airborne, quickly change direction away from the shore so you don't start walking on land
  4. Continuously press A to stay in the air

Method 2:

  1. Do a dolphin dive
  2. Before coming back out of the water for another dolphin dive, let go of A and continue to hold back
  3. Continuously press A to stay in the air

Notes Edit

You cannot stay in the air if you hold A to swim, you will gradually descend until you're back in the water or on land. This is why you must press A to keep doing the zora swim to stay airborne. There is also a varying degree of height you can attain with this trick. It all depends on the time you collide with the ground and the angle you hit it at. For maximum height, a general rule is to ramp off the ground as close as possible without just rolling onto shore.

The second method cannot attain much height.

The only known use for this trick is getting to the Great Bay fairy fountain without bombs or hookshot, as shown in the video description.