discovered by Glitches0and0Stuff

Trick Description Edit

The gainer, or forward backflip, is a backflip that moves forward. It can be performed as any Link.

Its main purpose is to reach ledges too high to grab normally.

How To Edit

  1. Z Target next to a wall
  2. Backflip and release the Z-targeting
  3. Retarget the wall
  4. Link should backflip into the wall. If there is a grabbable ledge within reach, he will grab onto it.

Notes Edit

This can replace a ground jump nearly everywhere it's used in zora form since Zora Link is so tall. Since the ground jump requires using a bomb and switching masks, it is faster to use this method in all cases where you have the Zora Mask. It can also be used before you get any bomb bag.

Though it is possible to do as a Goron, it is generally useless to do so, as Goron Link cannot grab ledges. For a similar reason, the trick cannot be used to replace the Ground Jump in Ocarina of Time.