discovered by Kazooie

Trick Description Edit

The Ground Jump allows you to make a small jump from the ground. It can be done as Link, Zora Link, or the Fierce Deity.

As useless as this sounds, it can let you climb onto some ledges you wouldn't normally be able to reach.

The Gainer is a much faster way of achieving the ground jump's effect. This pretty much renders it obsolete in speedrunning contexts; however, it is significantly easier to perform than the gainer.

How To Edit

Storing the Ground Jump: Method 1

  1. Find something you can grab
  2. Press B to get out your sword/fins
  3. Hold Z and R, then try to grab the object
  4. Take damage to your shield

Method 2

  1. Find something you can grab
  2. Move away from it until the A button doesn't say "Grab"
  3. Hold Z and R, then roll towards the object
  4. Try to grab the object while rolling
  5. Take damage to your shield
  6. To release the Ground Jump, simply backflip.

Notes Edit

The Ground Jump requires a grabbable object and a source of damage. A bomb can supply both at once, so they are generally used to store ground jumps.

You can have a Ground Jump stored and have the ISG active. However, releasing the Ground Jump will cancel the ISG.

While the Ground Jump is stored, most of your buttons will be disabled. They will return to normal as soon as the Ground Jump is released.

The Fierce Deity can ground jump without Z-targeting, as he does not crouch when "shielding".

A few of things will cause you to lose your Ground Jump.

  • Entering a loading zone
  • Entering the water
  • Jumping off a ledge