There are 7 golden wolves in Twilight Princess. Each of them gives you a hidden skill when you go to him. You get all 7 hidden skills in the same order no matter which order go to the golden wolves in human form in. One golden wolf appears in Northern Faron Woods only after the twilight is gone. The other 6 you make appear by howling at a howling stone. Without glitches, you can't get access to any howling stone without already having got the hidden skill from the golden wolf in Northern Faron Woods. Each howling stone always makes one appear in the same place no matter what order you howl at them in. You can use a howling stone to make a golden wolf appear even if there's another already existing one. The one in Death Mountain Trail makes one appear in Ordon Spring. The one in Upper Zora River makes one appear west of Castle Town. The one just outside the Lost Woods makes one appear south of Castle Town. The one in Lake Hylia makes one appear in the desert. The one in Snowpeak makes one appear in the graveyard. The one in the forgotten village makes one appear just south of Hyrule Castle.

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