discovered by Indextic

The owl statue you see in South Clock Town from West Clock Town is the hidden owl statue. You can get to it by hovering over the loading zone of South Clock Town. Activating the South Clock Town owl statue doesn't activate the hidden owl statue or vice versa. If you have at least one regular owl statue activated, you can only soar to an owl statue you activated. If you have no owl statue activated, you can't soar to any owl statue at all. If the hidden owl statue is the only one you have activated, unless you're in a place where the Song of Soaring doesn't work or takes you to the entrance, playing the Song of Soaring will take you to an owl statue anyway. Normally, it takes you to the Great Bay Coast owl statue. Where it takes you depends on where on the map you set the cursor to. There are 11 areas on the map you can set the cursor to but each one will not appear on the map and you can't set the cursor to it until you've been in a place that counts as that area. For each area on the map, here's where you go if you play the Song of Soaring after setting the cursor to that area:

Clock Town → Milk Road

Romani Ranch → Snowhead

Snowhead → Woodfall

Woodfall → Clock Town

Deku Palace → Mountain Village

Goron Village → Stone Tower

Stone Tower → Dungeon Entrance soft lock

Great Bay → Great Bay Coast

Zora Hall → Zora Cape

Ikana Canyon → Ikana Canyon

Ikana Graveyard → Southern Swamp

Once you activate a normal owl statue, you can't soar to an owl statue you haven't activated anymore.[1]

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