100% Route (MM)10 Masks Route (MM)20 Masks Route (MM)
5 Masks Route (MM)Adult ResetAir Replenish Trick
All Item ZoraAmazing Water Temple TrickAnju & Kafei Quest
Any% Route (MM)Any% Route (OoT)Back in Time Glitch
Bank Heart PieceBeating Dungeons (MM)Beginning Bottle Adventure: Stealing the Rod
Blast Mask QuestBlue Potion QuestBomb Hover
Bombchu in a VoidBottle AdventureBottle Corruption
Bottle Duplication (MM)Bottled Items (MM)Bottles (MM)
Broken Deku StickBuying GlitchBuying Item with Full Bottles
Castle Town Malo MartCave of Ordeals without Double ClawshotsCinematic Times
City in the Sky EarlyClippingClipping (MM)
Collection DelayCopying FilesCutscene Diving
Cutscenes (MM)Day ResetDeath Warping (MM)
Deku DrowningDeku Tree Speed TricksDodongo's Cavern Speed Tricks
Door of Time SkipDown AEarly Bombchus
Early Double DefenseEarly Golden ScaleEarly Master Sword
Early Spirit Temple as ChildEgg and Chicken SkipEnemy Health (MM)
Enter Zora's Domain Without LullabyEquipping Item GlitchExtended/Infinite Superslide
Extended SuperslideFairy Ocarina as AdultFairy Slingshot as Adult
Faron Gate ClipFirst CycleFlame Storage
Flying ZoraForest EscapeForest Temple Speed Tricks
Forest Temple Speed Tricks (TP)GainerGerudo Card Skip
Gerudo RBA ChestGet the Hookshot as Child LinkGet the Master Sword as a Child
Goht DungeonGold Skulltulas-Locations and MethodsGoron Bomb Jump
Great Bay TempleGround Jump (MM)Ground Jump (OoT)
Halfmilk RBAHeart Pieces (MM)Hidden Skills
Hovering (MM)How to Learn (MM)How to Learn (TP)
Ikana GraveyardIndex WarpInfinite Sword Glitch
Inverted Stone TowerItem Duplication (MM)Items (TP)
Jabu Without a FishKeep MS During Ganon BattleKokiri Sword as Adult
Lift the Archery GuyLink's AttacksLong Jump
Long Jump AttackLost Woods BridgeLow% Route (OoT)
Main Quests (TP)Majora's MaskMajora's Mask no GIM Routing Page
Map GlitchMasksMega Flip
MegaflipMegajump and Hover BoostMissile Teigneux
Movement SpeedsMovement Speeds (MM)Nests (MM)
Ocarina of TimeOcean Spider HouseOdalwa Dungeon
Pirates Fortress SewerPoesPortals
Power Crouch StabbingPutting Away (MM)Quickswap Sword Deletion
QuiverRecoil FlipRecoil Jump
Renewable ItemsRenewable Items (TP)Reverse Bottle Adventure Calculator
Romani & Cremia QuestRupees (MM)Sacred Forest Meadow
SandboxScarcrow Song (MM)Secrets (MM)
Shadow Temple EarlyShadow and Spirit MedallionsShallow Zora
Shield DropShops (MM)Shops (TP)
Skip Ganon's Castle TrialsSkipping Din's Fire and Fire ArrowsSkipping Epona
Skipping Saria's Song and Strength UpgradesSkipping the Bolero of FireSkipping the Bottle
Skipping the Elegy of EmptinessSkipping the Fishing RodSkipping the Goron Lullaby/Goron Mask
Skipping the Ice ArrowsSkipping the Iron Boots and Serenade of WaterSkipping the Moon's Tear
Skipping the SlingshotSkipping the Wooden SwordSnowhead Temple
Soft Soil Patches (MM)Sold Out SwordSong of Time
Song of Time StorageSongs (MM)Southern Swamp
Spider HousesSteal EponaStick Items
Stone Tower TempleStop Odd Mushroom TimerStop Time
Stray Fairy RewardsSuperslideSuperslide (MM)
Sword and Shield SkipTermina FieldThe Debug Code
The Medallion Cutscene SkipTime (MM)Time (TP)
Title Deed QuestTrade Item Sequence BreaksTreasure Chests (MM)
Twilight PrincessTwilight Princess Routing PageUnlimited Big Poes
Upgrade OdditiesUpgrades (MM)Version Differences
Version Differences (MM)Vine ClipVine Clipping
Void Warping (MM)Walking While TalkingWallet
Wasting MoneyWater Temple Speed TricksWeirdslide
Wind WakerWoodfallWoodfall Temple
Wrong WarpZelda's Lullaby Before Deku TreeZelda Speed Runs Wiki
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