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Trick Description Edit

The long jump greatly extends Link's jumping distance through damage boosting, allowing him to reach ledges he normally couldn't. While any source of damage will do, bombs are preferred for their portability.

The long jump and the recoil flip have a lot of overlap in use. The long jump is superior for grabbable ledges, while the recoil flip is superior for non-grabbable ledges.

Unlike the recoil flip, the long jump can be angled and combined with a jumpslash to give a very versatile jump.

How To Edit

Standard method

  1. Pull out a bomb
  2. Stand near a ledge and place the bomb opposite the direction you wish to jump
  3. Switch to Zora Mask if needed
  4. Stand still and let the bomb explode

Angled method

  1. Go through steps 1-3 of the standard method
  2. Make Link face a different direction and Z-target
  3. Let the bomb explode
  4. Jumpslash at the end if needed

Link must face at least 90 degrees away from the bomb in order for this to work.