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Information Edit

Due to some complications of the glitches and skips performed in the any% route, you avoid many inventory items.

This can sometimes lead towards the cursor being on the Deku Stick slot, while no item exists there yet. If you are a child, you can equip this blank slot (item 255) to a button, changing the C button to "empty."

While making the PAL versions of Ocarina of Time, they needed to translate the many menu options into multiple languages. This leads to the French text for "Bombchu" to appear when you have the empty icon selected in PAL.

This is similar to using Reverse Bottle Adventure to get a wallet in the dive meter slot, which shows the Japanese text for "Dungeon's Boss Key."

In the NTSC versions of the game, you will see a couple of glitched pixels, which are hard to notice as adult because of the slot being greyed out.