In Twilight Princess, there are 60 poes. You get a bottle of fairy tears the first time you talk to Jovani after beating 20 poes, and the first time you talk to Jovani after you beat all the poes, you get a silver rupees then he leaves and never comes back. Some poes will appear any time during the game and others will only appear after you're sufficiently far in the game. Each poe after it appears, if it's an outside poe, it will only be there at night and not in the day or the twilight except for the ones in City in the Sky. If it's an inside poe, it will be there all the time. It's consistent with observations that all the poes except for the following ones were always there at night if they're an outside poe and always there if they were an inside poe.

  • The ones in the field just north of Faron Woods, Kakariko Gorge, and the field just north of Castle Town appear after you beat Lakebed Temple.
  • The grotto in the field just north of Castle Town with 2 poes in it doesn't appear until the twilight there is gone and possibly later.
  • The one in the cage with enemy you have to fight doesn't appear until after you escape that cage.
  • You will learn about the one in the forgotten village later.

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