Discovered by Amn Lens Dragonair

Information Edit

It was discovered that the crouch stab does the same damage as the previous attack, no matter what attack was previously conducted.

This is often used to a great advantage by 'storing' the amount of damage dealt by a more powerful attack (such as a jump slash) and using a power crouch stab instead.

This allows for a greater amount of damage to be conducted over a smaller amount of time.

Note: An attack to be used for the power crouch stab does not need to have conducted damage. Only the action needs to be performed for the technique to take effect.

How-To Edit

  1. Perform an attack to store. The attack does NOT have to deal damage for the trick to work, it simply must be performed.
  2. Perform a crouch stab on an enemy by holding down R while not Z-targeted, and stab by pressing B.
  3. This will take the damage performed by the attack made prior to the action, and use the power from that in the crouch attack.