In Majora's Mask, the items that can be gotten again after playing the Song of Time can be split into renewable items and nonrenewable items. Renewable items are items that can be gotten again after leaving the area and nonrenewable items are items that can only be gotten again after you play the Song of Time.

Renewable ItemsEdit

The following items are renewable:

  • Fish
  • Bugs
  • All shop items except the All-night Mask
  • Bush, jar, and enemy items
  • Magical Mushrooms
  • Deku Shrine rupees
  • Big poe in Ikana Well

Nonrenewable itemsEdit

The following items are nonrenewable:

  • Treasure chest contents
  • Stray fairies
  • Zora eggs
  • Contents of boxes in East Clock Town.
  • Soft soil patch drops
  • Deku palace rupees
  • Big poe in Dampe's grave
  • The Deku Princess is only nonrenewable if you catch her in a normal bottle.


The other following information that doesn't get saved when you play the Song of Time does get saved when you leave the area:

  • How many rupees you have in your wallet
  • How many of each item with a counter you have
  • What's in each normal bottle
  • Whether you have unlimited magic
  • Which ice blocks are gone
  • Which boulders are gone
  • Which frogs are rescued
  • Which zora eggs are there
  • Whether you captured the deku princes unless you captured her in a duped bottle
  • Which sea snakes are beaten
  • Which stray fairies you have
  • Which stray fairies are returned to their fountain
  • Which skulltulas you beat and got the token of
  • Which minibosses are beaten
  • Which parts of quests were done
  • Which dungeons are beaten
  • Record score on minigames
  • Whether you already typed in the lottery shop number or listened to its announced number on the current day
  • Where the aliens are
  • Which treasure chests you made appear except for the one in the treasure chest shop
  • The scarcrow song