Some ice crystals and all cannon balls in Snowpeak Ruins reset when you leave Snowpeak Ruins but none of them reset before you leave Snowpeak Ruins. Aside from what you have, the following information that wasn't already mentioned before doesn't ever reset:

  • Where Epona is
  • Once you get a 100% requirement, it's gone and you can't go back and get another copy of it the same way.
  • Where Epona is
  • Which portals were activated
  • Which warpable objects were warped
  • Which treasure chests are open
  • Which dungeon maps, compasses and big keys you have
  • Which boulders were destroyed. All boulders that don't serve another purpose to get rid of have rupees in them. Those rupees will always stay there until you get them. Some of the boulders that don't serve another purpose to get rid of also activate a cutscene of getting rid of them when you get rid of them.
  • Where each sliding block is
  • Which chus chus with rare chu jelly you beat. Once you beat one, it will never come back. There are 3 chu chus with rare chu jelly, one in a hole in Death Mountain Trail, one just south of the Great Bridge of Hylia, and one on the 19th level of the Cave of Ordeals.

Goron MinesEdit

  • Which magnet cranes you activated

Lakebed TempleEdit

  • For each water source, whether you activated it, opened the door for it, and for one of them, whether you filled up a room with the water from it

Snowpeak ruinsEdit

  • Which armor statues were destroyed. Also, if an orange rupee appears when you destroy one, it will disapper if you don't get it soon enough and it will never appear again.

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