Optimal Path for SFM Edit

Discovered by YautjaElder

When you first enter from the lost woods, pull out a bomb and activate a ground jump off of it. This skips Navi's text at the beginning of the maze. When you enter the maze quickly use the ground jump to get up on the ledge in front of you, making sure to do so before the moblin gets to you. Once you're up top, do one sidehop to the right, then face right and start sidehopping left over the gaps. The sidehops have to be good but not perfect, in fact if they are perfect you will end up hanging off a ledge and lose a lot of time. After crossing the maze, backwalk up the stairs to the moblin and sidehop when you hear him swing to avoid his attacks. Then just head up to get Minuet of Forest. If you do not have explosives to store a groundjump off of, then you may also sidehop or backflip over the text instead but you will not be able to bypass the maze.