Method 1 - Original Edit

Discovered by Acryte and Kazooie

Get to the wooden box on the ledge in the graveyard either by bomb hovering or using a magic bean plant. Get on the box and pull out a bomb or chu. Face the wall. If you're using a chu, jump off the box then quickly shield drop the chu and press B to jumpslash for a bit more height and you should be boosted to the greed ledge. For a bomb, hold it on the box until its about it explode then jump, shield drop and jumpslash. Once you are on the green ledge you need to carefully walk on it all the way to the back of the graveyard without falling off which can be difficult at some points. Activating ISG can make this easier.

Method 2 - Fastest Edit

Discovered by Fluffy Kitten

Get on dampe's hut. Activate ISG and simply bomb hover up to the green ledge. It might be a little difficult because you wont be able to see the bomb, but with practice its easy.

Method 3 - No Explosives Edit

Discovered by Samoht

This method requires that you not get any strength upgrade and for ISG to be activated. Go to the grass directly right of the entrance to the graveyard. Go to a piece of grass close to the wall and angle yourself so that a superslide will take you to the grave next to dampes. Now Superslide off that piece of grass. If you use a bomb you need to place it carefully so it hits your shield but doesn't destroy the grass. When you get up to near dampes grave let go of Z first then R and you will superslide teleport to above the piece of grass. Depending on your position you might be able to backflip from there but most of the time you will need 1 extra bomb hover to make it to the ledge. From there just continue as from method 2.

Torch skip Edit

Discovered by Fluffy Kitten

If you don't have din's fire to light the torches don't worry! At the back of the graveyard instead of getting off the ledge at the warp platform, get to the very back to the ledge in the middle. Look down and you can see the staircase down. from there face sideways and sidehop down and you will avoid the load trigger for the torch room, and luckily the shadow door isn't loaded either so you can just walk right into the shadow temple. This is demonstrated in the video for method 2.