Shadow Temple entrance torch skip Edit

discovered by Fluffy_Kitten

Normally, to enter the Shadow Temple you would need to light a circle of torches with Din's Fire. To skip this, perform Shadow Temple Early (any method) and when you get to the back of the graveyard, instead of jumping down and going down the stairs, go to the farthest back ledge in the middle. Look down and line yourself up with the stairs below, then turn to the side and sidehop down. If done correctly the torches and the wall blocking the enterance will not load and you can just walk into the Shadow Temple.

Getting the Shadow Temple Boss Key Edit

Discovered by AKA

In the boss key room, two spike walls will slowly come together that would normally be burned to get through. Instead, when you enter the room, immediately run over to the wall on the right and slash your sword at it. This will activate the redead behind the wall. Stay as close to the wall as possible (this may require taking damage) and soon the redead should freeze you, allowing the walls to pass through you. When you're free, just kill the redead and get the boss key. To escape, either wait until the walls come together (which causes the game to think you were crushed), or use Farore's Wind to warp out.

The Spirit Trial's Web Edit

Discovered by Kazooie (?)

At the end of the spirit trail there is a web on the ceiling you must burn to shine light down. To do this without a fire arrow, get behind the torch in the other part of the room near the crystal switch. There will be a small place you will be able to aim the bow to go through the torch and hit the web burning it.

Notes Edit

*Because it's not possible to beat all trials without Fire Arrows or Dins Fire, to skip both you will need to use Ganons Castle Trial Skip. In a run that completes all trials, the Fire Arrow is usually the prefered option.