Deku Tree Basement Edit

In the basement there is an eye switch you need to shoot with the slingshot. To skip this simply use one of the basement skip tricks.

Dodongo's Cavern eye switches to Bomb Bag Edit

Discovered by Runnerguy2489

On the way to the 2nd set of Lizalfos and the bomb bag, you will find ring of fire that is deactivated by shooting an eye switch. The most common method to skip this by using a bombchu megaflip to the bomb bag

Discovered by Manocheese, ZFG

If you don't have chus, you'll have to jump to a very small piece of walkable area on the pillar and do an angled sidehop jumpslash to get to the opposite side of the pillar. Video

Inside Jabu Jabu's mouth Edit

Inside the first room, there's a ceiling switch that unlocks the next room. Simply throw a bomb at it, or launch a Bombchu up the wall to trigger it.

Bringing Ruto up Jabu Jabu Edit

When bringing Princess Ruto up to the top floor of Jabu Jabu, there is another switch before the door to the moving platform room. Throwing Ruto at the switch will activate it.

Child Spirit Gate Bridge room Edit

In the room with a gate standing up, there is a crystal switch behind it that drops the gate. If you don't have Boomerang or Slingshot to hit it with, you have three other options:

  1. Sidehop Hover off of the Green Bubble
  2. Megaflip off of the stalfos
  3. Bubble Boost

Child Spirit Bombchu chest Edit

Discovered by Acryte

In the room before the main room, there is a crystal switch on a high ledge that drops a chest with Bombchus inside. If you have bombs you can just throw one up, but if not you will have to hover off of the lizalfos. When you think you're high enough you can take out a deku stick and backflip, causing the ISG on the stick to hit the switch.