Block Skip

Using an angled sidehop between the stalagmite and the push block, you can pass through the wall and land inside of the block. From there just jump across the gap and into the 2nd room. If you angle it wrong, you can get stuck in the hole or fall out of bounds.

Bridge Room without Goron Mask Edit

Method 1: Using the Zora Mask, jump from the end of the bridge to the left ledge.

Method 2: Use a Long Jump from the end of the bridge to land on the left ledge.

Method 3: Jump over to the right side and hookshot the crate on the opposite side of the bridge.

Hookshot to the 2nd Floor Without Scarecrow Song Edit

Discovered by Swordlesslink

This requires near pixel perfect positioning and aiming.

Ramps to the Fire Arrows Edit

Recoil flips can be used to quickly cross the bridges that you normally need the Goron Mask to ramp off of.

Bomb Long Jumps can also be used.

Wizrobe Cut Scene Skip Edit

This works on all Wizrobes in the game.

After suffering 6 damage, Wizrobe enters his second phase, which has a cut scene attached. Slightly before the cut scene begins, he is vulnurable. If you damage him during this vulnurability, he will continue to try to enter his 2nd phase. Repeat this until you do the 6 remaining damage, then he will die and won't trigger the cut scene.

Hover to the Top Floor Edit

From the 3rd floor, hover up to the snowballs that block the stairs to the top floor. The explosion from hovering will blow up the snowball blocking your way and you can then destroy the rest and walk to the top floor.

Alternatively, you can hookshot to the 4th floor, directly across from the snowballs, and hover length wise, making use of the megahover.

Boss Key Skip Edit

Discovered by MrGrunz, improved by Unreal

With enough speed you can get out of bounds right next to the boss door and then jump to the loading point. There are a few methods, but the easiest and best choice is obviously a Recoil Flip. Just use the angle used in the video, Recoil Flip, then hold forward and to the right(the direction of the loading point). If done right you'll jump through the wall and into the loading point.