The following things are everything or almost everything that gets saved with the Song of time:

  • Majora's Mask 100% requirements
  • which owl statues are activated
  • which areas have a dot on the map indicating you visited it
  • which mask and item slots other than the trade item slots are empty
  • which mask and item slots that are not in a bottle or trade item slot have a duped bottle over them and what's in each duped bottle
  • the item count of some or all of the items with a counter that have a bottle duped over it
  • how much health Link has except it returns to 3 hearts when you play the song of time if you have fewer
  • how much magic Link has
  • which form Link is in
  • what's equipped to each c-button
  • whether you already activated an area showing around cutscene
  • whether you already activated the skull kid cutscene
  • which remains you have
  • whether you already activated the cutscene of creating a warp to the lair of a dungeon you have the remains of


There's also a glitch that let's you store the Song of Time called Song of Time Storage. Using it saves any information that the Song of Time saves so that the next time you reset, that information is not lost but it's not until you reset after it that you return to in front of the clock tower door. Using it also deletes the information that the Song of Time deletes, even before you reset after using it.