There are 3 ways to stop time: with a bottle, with a gossip stone, and by dying in mid air then getting healed before you land on the ground. Once you stop time, there are 2 ways to cancel the glitch, leaving the area and pressing c-up. You can't use any items during the glitch. Also, that glitch disables all cutscenes with the exception that the dying cutscene isn't disabled when you get that glitch by the third method.

Bottle methodEdit

One way to stop time is to capture something in a bottle then while holding Z, press R then the bottle button about a 20th of a second later. If you open a big chest with that glitch, it stays closed and you can get its contents again but if you open a small chest with it, it stays open. Any action that puts the bottle away while you have the glitch makes you no longer able to cancel it by pressing c-up. Opening a chest is one way to put the bottle away. Picking something up is another way to put the bottle away.

Gossip stone methodEdit

Dying and healing methodEdit

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