Discovered by FierceLinkMaster, Nayru's Love method by AKA

Information Edit

The Superslide, SS for short, is the fastest known method of travel. Unlike the Extended Superslide the superslide cannot turn or pull out items. It can be used to skip some cutscenes and clip corners Methods

The simplest method involves Nayru's Love

  1. Activate Nayru's Love
  2. Go to a grabbable object and do what you would do to store a Ground Jump
  3. Hold R until you want to stop

If Nayru's Love isn't available there are other methods of supersliding that are harder due to strict timing.

  1. Pull out a bomb and move back just enough so the action icon stops saying grab
  2. Right before the bomb blows up, roll towards it with Z and R held down
  3. As soon as the action icon says grab again press A
  4. Hold R until you want to stop


  1. Begin moving towards a grabbable object and shield drop a bombchu
  2. Roll towards the object
  3. As soon as the action icon says grab, press A
  4. Hold R until you want to stop


  1. Lure an enemy towards a grabbable object like a rock or bush
  2. Roll towards the grabable object while holding Z and R
  3. As soon as the action icon says grab press A
  4. Make sure the enemy hits your shield before you stand up
  5. Hold R until you want to stop

Notes Edit

  • If you use a grabbable object that you cannot pick up to start a superslide and let go of R before the object becomes unloaded, link will perform a Superslide Teleport. If link can pick up the object, the object will teleport to him.
  • The damage source (explosion or enemy), should hit you after link begins to stand but before he actually stands up
  • If your C-buttons become locked and you cannot pull out a bomb or bombchu, you have probably stored a Ground Jump so just backflip or sidehop to fix it.

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