discovered by Acryte

Information Edit

Though currently unused this glitch allows you to skip the Forest Medallion cutscene (about 7 minutes) and in theory others too. Though the amount of effort to do it isn't worth it.

How-To Edit

There are 2 metiods to this: Farore's Wind Medallion Stone Cutscene Skip (FWMSCS) Timer Medallion Stone Cutscene Skip (TMCS) These are both quoted from Acryte:

"FWMSCS (Farore's Wind Medallion Stone Cutscene Skip) - The first Method for this trick is with Farore's Wind (ON B - Farore's wind anywhere isn't required, just FW on B). Set it somewhere, then backrun into the blue warp and time it so that JUST as you hit the warp you press B. Now, wait until the screen finally starts to go white, and then press to warp. If you warp too early then you will just end up warping without the medallion, while if you press it too late, you'll see the cutscene instead of warping."

"TMSCS (Timer Medallion Stone Cutscene Skip) - The second method uses a timer to do it. This one is harder. Both are extensions of my "Blue Warp Glitch" and uses Ocarina Items to wait for the camera change so that the Timer starts actively counting down again (It doesn't if you don't wait for the camera change using Ocarina Items). This means you must space it perfectly so that a backflip to ocarina pull will land you at the VERY EDGE of the blue warp. If you are too close you will walk into it instead. Now, it's ALOT easier if you wait to backflip so that when you pull the ocarina there is only about 3-4 seconds left on the timer. At this point RUN AND GRAB THE HEARTPIECE when the timer gets to 00:01. This isn't necessary (as you could time the ocarina pull perfectly and not need to do this) but it a HELL of a lot harder without. Press B to skip the text and wait though, and when the screen starts turning white, then just get rid of the text box."