In Majora's Mask, at the regular rate, game time passes 80 times faster than real time. You can also go backwards in time to the Dawn of the First Day by playing the Song of Time, which will erase some of the stuff you did. You can also play the Song of Double Time to go to the next sunrise or sunset as long as it's before the Night of the Third Day, and the Song of Inverted Time to slow game time down to 80/3 times faster than real time or to speed it back up to 80 times faster than real time. Playing the song of time will also speed time back up if it's running slowly. There are also quests with other characters that can only be done in certain ranges of game times. With the following exceptions, time passes normally when you're in control of Link and freezes when you're not:

  • Dancing with the Scarcrow in the regular Clock Town shop or the one in the Observatory takes you to the next dawn or dusk.
  • Having Anju's grandmother read you "The Carnival of Time" jumps you forward 2 hours.
  • Having Anju's grandmother read you "The Four Giants" takes you to 8:00 am of the next day.
  • Time freezes entirely in the following places:
    • Behind the Clock Tower door
    • Balloon shooting game
    • Horse race
    • Boss room after you defeat the boss
    • Spirit house fight
    • During the rest of the boat cruise after disembarking[1]
  • The time is always 7:15 AM of the first day on the moon.
  • Time freezes during the Sakon's hideout puzzle. The time jumps to midnight of the third day after you finish Sakon's Hideout if you beat it after 12:00 pm or possibly earlier but before midnight, doesn't change if you beat it after midnight, unknown what it changes to if you beat it before 12:00 pm.
  • The time changes to 9:00 PM of the second day after riding with Cremia to East Clock Town or to 8:00 pm if you fail the milk delivery.
  • Time passes normally during the Postman minigame and the dog race.

There are also 2 glitches you can manipulate time with, the Stop Time glitch which lets you freeze time entirely and the Day Reset glitch which makes time jump back to the dawn of the current day when it gets to the end of the current day.