Void warping is warping as a result of falling down into a void. If you clip out of bounds then do nothing and there's no ground or water under you, you will also eventually fall into a void. With one exception, after you fall into a void, you warp to the last place you got to by going through a door, entering a loading zone, soaring, or going to far out to sea. The following things function exactly like void warping: catching on fire or walking in lava as a deku scrub or zora and freezing as a zora. Drowning as a goron almost functions like void warping except that you respawn as a human. If you get grabbed by a wallmaster, you will be warped to the same place as death warping would take you but the cutscene will look like that of void warping and you will lose one heart or if you have the double defense upgrade, half a heart.