You start off with no rupees and a child's wallet which holds 300 rupees. There are 24 golden bugs in the game. You can only pick one up in human form. You can also bring one towards you with the clawshot or gale boomerang. There's also a glitch where there's no golden bug in Kakariko Graveyard so early in the game. There's actually one bug of each gender from each of 12 different species. Each golden bug gets renewed after you leave the area but if you pick up a bug you already got, you put it back and if it's the first time you picked it up since you last entered the area, you also get a recovery heart when you put it back. Each time you give Agitha a golden bug, you won't have it anymore even if you pick it up again. When you give her the first bug, she gives you the adult's wallet which holds 600 rupees. Each time you giver her a bug that's not the first or the last one you gave her, she gives you a purple rupee if you haven't already given her its mate or an orange rupee if you have given her its mate. When you give her the last bug, she gives you the giant's wallet which holds 1000 rupees.

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